Since July 2019, Dr. Essam Mansour has been an assistant professor in the Department of Computer-Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, and the head of the Concordia Data Systems (CoDS) lab. He wored as a Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). He joined QCRI in June, 2013. Dr. Essam Mansour received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2008 from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland. He graduated from Cairo University, Egypt in 2000 with a First Class Honours B.Sc. in Information Systems, and in 2003 with an M.Sc. in Information Systems. He was a Research and Teaching Fellow in International University in Germany Bruchsal from July 2008 to Oct 2009, and in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) from Oct 2009 to Jun 2013.


At QCRI, he is working on the Crosscloud project for re-decentralizing the web and leading the development of a collaborative data management system based on RDF graphs. The Crosscloud project is a collaboration with Prof. Tim Berners-Lee at MIT. Dr. Mansour is also leading a research project for advanced query processing over decentralized RDF graphs with Prof. Panos Kalnis at KAUST. He worked in the e-store project, an elastic in-memory OLTP system applied to H-Store. This project was a collaboration with Prof. Michael Stonebraker at MIT.


At KAUST, Dr. Essam Mansour was a research fellow working with Prof. Panos Kalnis. Dr. Mansour led a project for developing a framework for a cloud-based string database system. The project aimed to bridge the gap between Big Data analytics and cloud computing. Dr. Mansour has developed different parallel string algorithms, such as maximal pairs and motif extraction. His system utilizes multi-core systems, clusters and supercomputers. Compared to recent methods, his system can expect much faster execution while supporting 2-3 orders of magnitude more data than existing methods. Moreover, his system reports scalability up to 16,384 cores on a supercomputer.

Dr. Mansour delivered a complete course in Cloud Computing at KAUST. Additionally, he offered different lectures on advanced data management for KAUST students.